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Утилизация отходов деревообработки, произодство пеллет/Utilization of woodworking waste, pellet production

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Pellets – an environmentally friendly fuel

Pellets are wood pellets used as biofuels. In composition, they are compressed wood waste, such as sawdust, shavings, wood chips.
Pellets are used for heating private houses and cottages, retail space and offices, boiler houses for housing and communal services, in combined heat and power supply systems.

GSK Resource LLC produces fuel pellets with a diameter of 8 mm, packaged in 1000 kg in big bags .

The undeniable benefits of pellets as biofuels:

Low cost

Prices for pellets at own expense from the factory 5700 – 6500 rubles per ton.

Environmental friendliness

The process of burning them is carbon neutral.

High energy efficiency

For example, when burning 1 ton of wood pellets, an amount of energy is released that is proportional to burning 480 m3 of gas, 500 l of diesel fuel or 700 l of fuel oil.

Long shelf life

They do not require special storage conditions, but contact with moisture must be excluded. Do not rot or stain the storage place.

Low consumption

A very small number of fuel briquettes will be able to provide daily heating of a multi-storey building.

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