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Utilization of woodworking waste, pellet production

GSK Resource LLC actively cooperates with logging companies and forest processors in the issues of utilization and processing of sawmill waste. The most attractive and long-term cooperation is with partners who have FSC or SBP certificates or are ready to undergo such certification.

GSK Resource LLC welcomes and is ready to discuss cooperation with all legal entities and entrepreneurs who have specialized transport and are ready to provide services for the transportation of raw materials (wood chips, sawdust, shavings, croaker) for the production of fuel pellets (pellets), as well as the transportation of finished products (pellets) in Big-bags, weighing 800 up to 1300 kg from the warehouse of the plant to the port in St. Petersburg.

GSK Resource LLC is interested in long-term cooperation with buyers of fuel pellets (pellets). Conditions of sale for export FCA or FOB INCOTERMS 2010, port of St. Petersburg, Russia ; Domestic: at the gates of the plant or with delivery to Big Bags of 800-1200 kg in batches that are multiples of a van (20 tons).